A Helping Hand

Experts Webinars

It does not matter how many resources you have, it will never be enough if you don't know how to use them" for above reason we will organize motivational webinars from IIT's alumni, Scientists, Engineers from all across the world to keep you motivated always.

Career Consultation

We will provide free consultation and guidance about the possible opportunity a student might have, depending on the performance in our regular test.

English Improvement

Considering the fact that English is becoming main language of global communication, our aim is to teach every student 10 advanced English words everyday. By the end of year, each of our student will have a good English vocabulary as well.

Helping Under Privilege

Our mission is to establish library in Indian villages where any student can have the access of best in class books, our test papers and video lectures. 25% of the amount paid by you will be contributed to this effort. Other activities in this program will be: conducting tests, providing competitive exams forms, providing books.

Inspiration (through history)

To make student a person of values and honesty there are many stories in the history, which we will post time to time to keep you motivated and inspired


Who we are

"Teaching is not a business, but a sincere method to convey what you realized and learned from authentic sources".

am Gopal Singh Born in November 30th 1983 and invested most of the years in learning with all the challenges which a student might face. I provided personal tuition to many students in India, started and taught in educational service providing company in Rajasthan India, taught experimentation to students of University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA. This effort is to provide an online education platform for the students to learn the concept of Science, Mathematics through tests and theory lectures afterwards.

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